No weapons, no friends, no hope. Take all that away, and what's left?

Marshamellow Blue
5 October
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This Journal is for all my fan fictions of Buffy the vampire slayer, see i am into that show so i will be writing fan fictions for that show :-), i will most likely use this one has my main Journal then having two Livejournal accounts what's the use of having two accounts anyways so i will retire the fallstodarkness one and use this one so those of you, who are on my old one i will add you to my new journal account. I love my nickname that my dad gave me so i used that and my last name i used my favorite color kinda unique isn't it, I am happy that the friends i have stuck with me over the years!, i love writing poetry and trying to write scary stories i love watching horror movies there so awesome, i might write an entry about me and what stuff i like :).

More about me

there is not much to tell you about me really. i am sweet and kind and honest.i like making friends and meeting new people. i am the kind of person who likes to try and give my friends advice when there down in the dumps. and i like to make my friends and family laugh. i love animals and i am against animal abuse and child abuse. i believe in same sex marriage gays have the right to be happy just like straight people do. one more thing i am me i will never change not for anyone, if you are the type of person who wants people to change to your liking then you can just leave not trying to sound harsh or anything like that my family and friends that are like my family don't except me to change so why would i change for other people, i am me and i am proud to be who i am :)

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